2010, Beauty Grooming & Style
Written by: Nigel Barker (ghost writers: 

P David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Published by: Abrams Image
Available in: Paperback, eBook
PB ISBN-10: 9780810996427, ISBN-13:‎ 978-0810996427; EB ASIN:‎ B00M5EK5MC
Summary: Drawing on 20 years of experience in the beauty business and 14 seasons of judging on America's Next Top Model, photographer Nigel Barker has discovered the formula for revealing inner beauty that will have readers looking great and feeling even better. Casting aside conventional rules (be tall! be skinny! have flawless skin!) Nigel shares the elements that, when added together, equal true beauty: humor, honesty, and confidence, to name a few. Armed with their own cameras, readers are guided through a series of self-portrait challenges. Along the way, Nigel shares tips and advice on fashion, style, hair, and make-up, showing readers how to turn perceived negatives into positives, celebrate their uniqueness, and be their personal best.


What is beauty, where does it stem from, how do we obtain it?

It has been my job to capture beauty one way or another for nearly 20 years. Through my work as a photographer, filmmaker and father, it's become evident to me that we consistently think of beauty as only skin deep.

The Beauty Equation is based on my experiences on a quest to find what truly makes each and every one of us beautiful.

As a photographer, I don't recall whether my subject was too thin or too fat, had perfect skin or even dressed stylishly. Rather, I remember the experience, how I was moved, and what it meant to me. When I point my camera at you and focus on your eyes, I can see whether or not you are nervous, I can tell whether you smile frequently or if you're a frowner, if you are happy or sad. To say we wear our hearts on our sleeve is an understatement. I believe we wear our heart and our soul on our face, and we give away our thoughts and position with body language. So by appealing to the reader to examine various attributes of inner beauty, I hope to reveal just how easy it is to not only feel beautiful, but to appear so too.

The Beauty Equation is a workbook (yes, I'm asking the reader to do a little self-examination homework!). In each chapter you'll encounter a 'Teach' element where I cast aside conventional rules and use real life examples to break down concepts and ideals of beauty in today's world. After each teach, I ask you to complete a series of easy to follow challenges that will provide you with the tools you need to embody the teach with the use of a camera, video camera or just a pencil. The idea being that:

YOU + allure + confidence + compassion + spontaneity + radiance + health + honesty + charm + energy ÷ humor = BEAUTY

Each chapter in the Beauty Equation sets out to explain the various definitions of inner beauty in an anecdotal manner taken directly from my own experiences. Culminating at the end of each chapter with a series of challenges both written and photographic. I challenge the reader to feel their inner beauty and allow it to expose itself.