1974, USA, Color Regular 8mm
Directed by: Todd Hughes
Summary: Dracula is awakened from a one hundred year slumber when a beer-drinking slob urinates on his vandalized grave. Wreaking havoc on a small town, Dracula bites everyone he sees and beats a baby to death, hiding it in a mailbox. Mistaking a metal manekin for a real person, Dracula severely damages his fangs. Next to a mental institution, Dracula finds Dr. Sinclair, the local orthadontist with a repuation for sadism and a sexy but lazy staff of nurses. Dr. Sinclair extracts the vampire's fangs which inspires Dracula to dump a bucket of water on the unsuspecting orthadontist. The wet and enraged doctor finds a wooden stake and buries it deep in the demon's heart, transforming it into a bloody skeleton. At the funteral, people dance for joy and set the corpse on fire.