2012, Los Angeles County Fair (awarded: participation ribbon)

The Ebersole Hughes Company are award-winning “tablescapers.”
Tablescaping is the art of setting a thematic table.

After a dark year because of our secondary career as filmmakers, we returned to the Fair with what we thought was a sure winner, an Andy Warhol themed table. We wrapped the table in silver foil, we stacked tomato soup cans to the ceiling, floated mylar balloons with the names of the superstars, had Velvet Underground bananas, and the menu was a witty Warhol photo representation of the items we would be serving. Our competitors though we were going to run away with it. And we failed to place. Scandal! In the end, we decided we went too high brow for what is intended to be a mass-market event and we swore to be more accessible next year.