2020, USA, Narrative, Featurette, Color, 60 minutes
Directed by: Adrienne Truscott (play), and 

P. David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Written by: Nora Burns
Produced by:

The Ebersole Hughes Company

Starring: Nora Burns, Billy Hough
Cinematography by: Mark Putnam
Summary: Nora Burns award-winning and long running one-woman show, "David's Friend," is captured by documentary duo P. David Ebersole and Todd Hughes at The Cavern Club Theater at Casita del Campo in Silver Lake.

"Although its focus is the story of her fast (in all senses) friendship with the man named in the title, whom she met when they were teenagers in Boston, Ms. Burns’s show is also a heady dip into the years when New York night life was at its dizzying, decadent height; when Bianca and Andy and company were thronging Studio 54 and Xenon and Danceteria; when Details was a magazine printed on unglossy paper and filled with, well, details about anything and everybody that was cool." - New York Times

Film Festival Premieres: WORLD PREMIERE Provincetown Int'l Film Festival (June 2020) • WEST COAST PREMIERE Cinema Diverse Palm Springs (September 19, 2020) • EAST COAST PREMIERE East Village Film Festival (October 9, 2020)