1995, USA, Narrative, Short, 40 mins
Directed by:

Todd Hughes

Written by:

Todd Hughes

Produced by:

Todd Hughes

, David Colman, David Carpender
Executive Produced by:

P David Ebersole

, Maricel Pagulayan, Laurie House
Starring: Marya Dosti, Debbie King, Shawm Brydon, Jennifer Campbell, Mary Scheer, Jenny Shimizu, John Boskovich, Margo Willits, Larry Johnson, Sandra Kinder, Patrick Scott, Terri Phillips, Denise Dellavalle, Michelle Beuhler, Michael Geary, Kent Staddard, Jill Rosenthall, David Rosenthall, Andy Daley, Lisa Beezley, Justin Tanner, Kristin Stuart, Mike Glass, Jeff Hilbert, Billy Wright, Steven Frisina, Todd Hughes, Bob Hoskins
Cinematography by: David Carpender
Production Design by: Rachel Tanner
Edited by: Laurie House
Music by: Cary Berger
Summary: Door to Door Make Overs...Madness...Murder!!! DING DONG is the story of two women in love. They are successful, popular and beautiful. But they have one fatal flaw. Like most lesbians these days, they are serial killers.
Film Festival Premieres: WORLD PREMIERE Outfest • WEST COAST PREMIERE Frameline