2021, USA, Documentary, Color, 98 minutes
Directed by:

P David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Produced by: Gary Gand & Joan Gand and 

P David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Starring: Trini Lopez, Tony Orlando, Dionne Warwick, Jim Brown, Billy Gibbons, Alison Martino, Shag, Robert Diaz, Oralee Walker, The Gand Band
Cinematography by: Sam Ameen & Mark Putnam
Edited by:

P David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Music by: James Peter Moffatt
Animation by: Syd Garon
Summary: Born in Dallas of undocumented Mexican immigrants, Trinidad Lopez III fought his way out of the ghetto with a guitar to become a true American rock and roll legend, one of the first Latino rock stars. An honorary member of the Rat Pack during a time of insidious racism in America, he shared a complicated relationship with his lifelong friend and mentor Sinatra. Shot just before he passed away due to complications from COVID, the film includes a rare live performance with Trini Lopez and The Gand Band.
Film Festival Premieres: WORLD PREMIERE American Documentary Film Festival - Opening Night (March 25, 2021) • TEXAS PREMIERE Oak Cliff Film Festival (June 26, 2021) • SPECIAL SCREENING Grammy Museum (August 12, 2021) • WEST COAST PREMIERE Palm Springs International Film Festival (January 8, 2022)
Release: USA HOME VIDEO Cinedigm (January 5, 2022) LATIN/WORLDWIDE Roku (February, 2022)
Awards: AMERICAN DOCUMENTARY FILM FESTIVAL Best US Documentary Feature Film (2021), DEEP FOCUS FILM FESTIVAL Jury Prize (2021), TIBURON INTL FILM FESTIVAL Best Musical Documentary (2021)