2008, UK/US/MEXICO, Short, Color, 28 minutes
Directed by: Phil Collins
Written by:

P David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Produced by: Graham Clayton-Chance
Starring: Verónica Langer as Clara (Scene One), Sonia Couoh as Solana (Scene One), Miriam Calderón as Sable Sainte (Scene One), Gina Morett as Clara (Scene Two), Dobrina Cristeva as Sable Sainte (Scene Two), Luis Cárdenas as Sargent Sainte, Almadella as Clara (Scene Three), Montseas Solana (Scene Three), Patricia Reyes Spíndola as Clara (Scene Four), Eileen Yañez as Solana (Scene Four), Zaide Silvia Gutiérrez as Sable Sainte (Scene Four) and Tenoch Huerta as Ramón
Cinematography by: Damián García
Production Design by: Salvador Parra
Summary: Glasgow-based artist Phil Collins' film "Soy Mi Madre" examines the immigrant populations of Colorado's Roaring Fork Valley, a sizable percentage of which hail from northwestern Mexico. The region relies heavily on service and maintenance work provided largely through this population, who often commute to work in Aspen. Loosely inspired by Jean Genet's The Maids -- a seminal example of Theatre of the Absurd that renders surreal the intricate power dynamics that exist between people of divergent socioeconomic groups and exploits the volatility of social identity -- "Soy Mi Madre" portrays the social realities of this region through the melodramatic lens of the telenovela. The film uses popular Mexican television actors and crew, including Patricia Reyes Spindola, Zaide Silvia Guitérrez, Veronica Langer and Salvador Parra, as well as members of the transsexual prostitute community of Mexico City.
Film Festival Premieres: WORLD PREMIERE Aspen Art Museum (August 9, 2008) • INTERNATIONAL PREMIERE Rotterdam International Film Festival (January 2009) • NEW YORK PREMIERE Tanya Bondecker Gallery (2009)
Release: TONYA BONDAKER GALLERY NY Limited artist edition 16mm prints available for purchase