2003, USA, Featurette, Color, 20 minutes
Directed by: Darrin Dewitt Henson
Written by:

P David Ebersole & Todd Hughes

Produced by: Rene Bastian & Linda Moran
Executive Produced by: Carol Ann Shine
Starring: Cynda Williams, Malik Yoba
Cinematography by: David Phillips
Edited by: David E. Miller & Pax Wassermann
Music by: Miguel A. Gaetan
Summary: A parking metermaid has an anti-war activist's car towed during a rally. When she takes pity on him because he is a vet, she helps him retrieve his car from the impound lot. But as their attraction to one another grows, secrets get revealed about each of their pasts, and they find they have deep ties in common.
Release: US CABLE TV Showtime "Soul Decisions" special (2003)