Artist: James Peter Moffatt

The Ebersole Hughes Company Records & Tapes

Format: DIGITAL (Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Apple)
Country: USA/UK
Release: Sept 2020
Genre: Soundtrack
Style: Score, Rock
Disc One
Track 1: Runway
Track 2: Origins
Track 3: Paris 1945
Track 4: Haute Couture
Track 5: Future Rock
Track 6: Lunar Rock
Track 7: Sotheby’s
Track 8: Branding
Track 9: War (feat. Michael Silverman)
Track 10: Maxim's
Track 11: Cardin in Japan
Track 12: Espace Cardin (feat. Jake Mehew)
Track 13: Voodoo (feat. White Rabbit Club)
Track 14: Costumes for the Movies
Track 15: Flutters (feat. Michael Silverman)
Track 16: Jeanne Moreau / Andre Oliver (feat. Mac Volpé)
Track 17: Houdan (feat. Jake Mehew)
Track 18: Fashion Democratizer (by Matthew Gonder, feat. Pierre Cardin)
Disc One