Artist: Dr. Robert Davis & James Peter Moffatt

The Ebersole Hughes Company Records and Tapes

Format: VINYL (Hot Pink LP - Double Gatefold) • DIGITAL (Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, Apple)
Country: USA/UK
Release: 2017
Genre: Original Soundtrack
Style: Rock, Psychedelic, Orchestral
Side One
Track 1: Born Vera Jayne Palmer
Track 2: The Devil Made Her Do It! (feat. Donna Loren)
Track 3: Rumours and Hearsay
Track 4: Suey 2017 (feat. Ann Magnuson)
Track 5: Love Blind (feat. White Rabbit Club)
Track 6: Cocktails with Jayne
Track 7: Sex and the Devil
Track 8: Brainy Blonde
Track 9: Set Me Free (feat. Mikey Silverman)
Track 10: Pink and Brown
Side Two
Track 1: Pink and Black (feat. Larra Anderson)
Track 2: Chinese Whispers (feat. White Rabbit Club)
Track 3: Cinema Satanique
Track 4: I Don't Know What Kind of Drugs
Track 5: Satan Is Real (feat. The Wayfarers and RIchmond Arquette as Anton)
Side One