2014, LA County Fair (awarded: 4th Place, pink ribbon)

The Ebersole Hughes Company are award-winning “tablescapers.”
Tablescaping is the art of setting a thematic table.

Still riding high on last year’s win and believing it was the innovation of the glass floating on balls that pushed us over the top, we decided to do something that had never been done: turn the table over, fill it with sand, and suggest a luau where guests would sit on the floor! We also went all out and rented a six foot tiki, hanging wild birds a la the Disney Tiki Room, and we boldly “served” lobster which meant unique table settings. Well. It didn’t exactly backfire because we ribboned, but with the odd and rare pink 4th place ribbon. Our biggest penalty? This year they decided nothing that was off the table counted so the massive standing Tiki was “ignored” and they did not appreciate our lobster picks, which they felt were not up to standard.