2 ÷ 3
2000, US, Short, Color, 8 minutes
Directed by: Richard Press
Written by: Richard Press
Produced by:

P David Ebersole

, John Schliesser
Co-Produced by: Eileen Jones, Greg Cherchwak and Lori Witt-Dalton (Regicide Films)
Starring: Savannah Smith Boucher, Jared Bell, Hal Dion
Cinematography by: Jens Sturup
Production Design by: Lori Thrun
Edited by: Stan Salfas
Summary: A thirteen-year-old boy alone in the house with his mother suddenly stops talking. By the time his father returns, Oedipus has wreaked havoc on another family’s geometry.
Film Festival Premieres: WORLD PREMIERE New York Film Festival (October 1999) • INTL PREMIERE Berlin International Film Festival (February 10, 2000) • WEST COAST PREMIERE Los Angeles Independent Film Festival (April 15, 2000)
Awards: BERLIN INT'L FILM FESTIVAL Panorama Award (2000)