Wicked Wicked Games
Directed by:

P. David Ebersole

, Terry Cunningham, Dennis Dimster, Jeremy Stanford, Alex Wright
Written by:

Todd Hughes

, Lori Taylor Evans, Davah Avena, Mike Johnson, Jennifer Quintenz
Produced by: Alex Wright, Tom Jewett
Starring: Tatum O'Neal, Jessie Ward, David Smith, Kate French, Jack Krizmanich, Clive Robertson, Joan Severence, Debbe Dunning, and Serena Scott Thomas
Cinematography by: Tom Jewett
Production Design by: Gershon Ginsburg
Music by: Blond Mafia (opening theme: "Think Again")
Summary: A scorned woman plots revenge against the man who abandoned her 25 years earlier in order to marry another woman with money to advance his career. The plan is to have her two sons seduce and marry her former lover's two daughters, and in the process destroy the man's life.
Release: US TV My Network TV (December 6, 2006)