2006, USA, Narrative Short, Color, 16 minutes
Directed by:

Todd Hughes

Written by: J.T.C.
Produced by:

P. David Ebersole

Starring: Brian Newkirk, Dana Schwartz, Jamie Tolbert-Franklin, Brendan Broms, P. David Ebersole, Thom Adcox, Justin Tanner, Kristian Hoffman, Shaz Bennett, Randall Kohl, Jones, Josh Lawson, Jeffrey Wylie, Steve LaNasa, G.J. Echterncamp, Aaron Brewer, Fred Ahlert, Butchie
Summary: In "Wounded Children" by Todd Hughes, we follow little David from childhood and see how demonic forces influence him into the dark world of homosexuality. After many trials and tribulations he meets an alcoholic Christian in a bar and is saved along with his suicidal friend Kenny.

HOT CHICKS is a unique omnibus collaboration that adapts several of the widely-read palm-sized religious comic book tracts that have been published by Jack T Chick since 1958. Over 400 million copies of Chick's easy-to-read work have been distributed in over 70 languages around the world, to spread his message of born again salvation. Here, nine directors take on nine unique "Chick Tracts" and film them word for word, frame for frame.
Film Festival Premieres: WORLD PREMIERE Los Angeles Film Festival (2006) • EAST COAST PREMIERE Newfest: New York Lesbian & Gay Film Festival (2006)